I Am Not A Web Developer

April 11, 2016

I'm not a web developer.


When I first got into photography, the idea of showing my photographs on the internet was pretty exciting. After all - anyone, anywhere could see them!


I started with Flickr, back in 2008(ish) and over the years have had a go at running many different websites all with the same purpose - to showcase my work.


The problem is - that whilst I can do this sort of thing, I've come to discover that I don't actually enjoy it. Initial preparations are fine. Getting the site looking how you want can be fun and rewarding. It's the stuff that goes on after you've set it up that can be a pain.


My last iteration of this was shuttercount.co.uk.



It took a lot of work to get this running how I wanted it. Originally, it was designed as an informational site with tips and general information about photography. It does pretty well to be honest, with my framing tutorial being the most popular article.


But it's a real pain to administer and I just don't have the time!

New Wordpress Update?

New Theme update?

Theme not updated so need to swap it out?

Plugins stop working?

Security patches to update?


It's a lot of work on top of actually coming up with content. So it's nice to actually finally use a sitebuilder that does all of that for me and lets me concentrate on my photography.


I'll likely be moving articles over from Shuttercount to here slowly with the intention of closing it down eventually, hence the appearance of my Understanding Exposure review.


Photography is much more fun. For me - at least.

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